Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sambalpur Hiteishini the first news paper in Western Odisha was published in Deogarh by Raja Basudev Sudhal Dev

         Sambalpur Hiteishini , the first  weekly Odiya newspaper in Western Odisha was published in 1889 May 30th from Jagannath Ballav Press, Deogarh by Raja Basudev Sudhala Dev . During that period, Sambalpur  area was in Central Province. Nilamani Bidyaratna  was editor of the news paper . ‘Sambalpur Hiteishini’ was feeding news on contemporary social conditions, development of agricultural system, need for co-operatives,  industries, commerce, transport, prohibition , female education , national and international news. Poets like Gangadhar Meher , Fakir Mohan Senapati,  Radha Nath Rai  enriched ‘Sambalpur Hiteishini’ through their poetry, and writings.
        Sudhala Press was firstly established in Cuttack in 1885. Sansaraka, and Sebaka were being published at Sudhala Press, Cuttack. Later on, Sudhala Press was shifted to Deogarh, and  it was renamed as Jagannath Ballav Press. Sansaraka & Sebaka  were published at Jagannath Ballav Press, after its establishment. In 1911, this Press was renamed as Hiteishini Electric Machine Press, after an electric  machine was installed in the press building. This was named as Electric Press from 1923 to 1948 . Last copy of  ‘Sambalpur  Hiteishini’  was  published in 1923, and then Sambalpur Hiteishini was closed. Raja Bhanuganga Tribhubandev published ‘Sankha’ from this Press. Poet Dr Mayadhar Mansingh was the Editor of ‘Sankha’. In 1948, the state of Deogarh was merged into the state Odisha and in the process, this press was owned by Government of Odisha.
          Government of Odisha shifted two printing machines in April 2014, from Deogarh to Cuttack, had earlier shifted two printing machines to Cuttack. Government of Odisha  wanted to establish a museum at Cuttack and preserve those in the said museum.
Public  from Deogarh   demanded that a museum should be established at Deogarh and the printing machines should be preserved for future, should not be shifted to Cuttack.