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Swami Vivekananda's favorite disciple Swami Atmananda stayed for two & half years in Sambalpur

‘Nabajuger Mahapurush’ written by Swami Jagdishwarananda , published by Ramakrushna Math , Belur in 1948 , describes about Swami Atmananda’s life history & about  his stay in  Sambalpur. 
Swami Atmananda came to Sambalpur  in October 1916 during Durga Puja , on request by Sushil Kumar Sarkar . He stayed with Sushil Kumar Sarkar in his residence near Sen Park . Swamiji was suffering from severe stomach upset, and asthma when he reached Sambalpur . He was healthy with full vigor, when he left  Sambalpur .  He was cured by digestive water from ‘Paltan kuan’ and medicines prescribed by the then Civil Surgeon at District Head Qr. Hospital .  Paltan Kuan (Well) is located  near  Chandra Sekhar Behera Zilla School . The well Paltan Kuan needs renovation , as well as preservation .   Sambalpur was also free from malaria during that period .

  Swami Atmananda
Govind Prasad Shukul was born in  1868 in the village Debipur . Then he moved to Chanchal Jamindari in Malda district ( West Bengal ). Guru Prasad Shukul ( elder brother of Govind Prasad's father ) was engaged as 'Pujaka' in Chanchal Jamindari temple . Govind Prasad studied at Chanchal High School with monetary help from the Jamindar. While studying in school , Govind Prasad was helping Guru Prasad in worshiping  in temple . Then  Govind Prasad came to Kolkata for higher studies . While studying in college , he was visiting 'Math' with his freinds .

He was known as Shukul Maharaj at Belur Math . He was initiated by Swami Vivekananda in 1897/98, and thereafter he was addressed as Swami Atmananda . During his stay at Sambalpur , he met Jogendra Nath Sen, an eminent lawyer , who was Government Advocate and President, Sambalpur Zilla Parishad at that time . Also  poet Laxminath Bejbarua from Assam stayed at  Sambalpur from October 1917 to 1937 for a period of 20 years . Both Laxminath Bejbarua and Jogendra Nath Sen have contributed a lot to Sambalpur .
 Swami Atmananda stayed at Sambalpur for two and half years , and then left for Belur Math , Kolkata  probably  in March 1919 .

( Kindly contact Shri Shri Ramakrishna Bibekananda Seba Sangha , Sambalpur Preident / Secretary  for a book on 'Swami Atmananda' in Odiya Language , if interested )

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