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Dr Kasinath Singh : He came from Uttarpradesh, stayed at Samblpur till expiry. Contributed entire property to Sambaplur public

Dr Kashinath Singh

( This article is based on the book written by Eminent historian Shankar Prasad Padhi ‘Danabira Dr Kasinath Singh’)

The political agent Captain  Hignis was unable to suppress the revolution against the East India Company , raised by Vir  Surendra Sai . On request , Captain Wikins came with the soldiers from Hazaribag.  Along with the soldiers came Dr Kashinath Singh to Sambalpur . Dr Kasinath Singh treated the members of royal family , when Narayan Singh was the king of Sambalpur . He treated royal princes Ashakumari Devi, when she became serious . The King was pleased with Dr Kasinath Singh, and gifted him with a lot of land.
In 1853, Col. Emerson joined as District Magistrate. During his incumbency, there occurred rampant cholera in Sambalpur town and its  adjacent places . The clerks and other office staff absented themselves, due to cholera . The District Magistrate himself was bed ridden due to cholera, and could not attend the office. As such, all offices were closed in 1853.
The District Magistrate Col. Emerson proposed a dispensary and a guest house (dharmasala) at Sambalpur . Prior to it, the public were used to the aurvedic  medicine . It was approved by higher authorities with the condition that when public of Sambalpur contribute Rs 2000, then the administration  would  contribute Rs 100. On 1854 August 7th, the then Commissioner W.J.Elen  wrote to the then Dewan of Sambalpur  Rai Rup Singh Babu to raise funds for the dispensary and dharmashala. Due to sincere efforts of Rup Singh Babu , first dispensary and one dharmasala were established at Sambalpur. In reply to proposal sent by vide letter dated January 30th 1855, the Commissioner sanctioned  for the same , vide letter dated February 21st 1855 ,along with the details of payment to the native doctor and other staff.  
Dr Kashinath Singh served  the public of Sambalpur , when cholera broke out in Sambalpur, in 1853. He got commendation for his service from the Commissioner ,vide letter dated August 14th 1854 .    Dr Kashinath Singh was appointed as the doctor of the first dispensary of Sambalpur .
Dr Kasinath Singh hailed from the village Baisotyara in Kanpur district , Uttarpradesh. Medical profession dragged him to Sambalpur . He was the son of Gurudayal Singh. He earned a lot of properties  at Sambalpur . He remained a bachelor. He had none to succeed him. Before his expiry. Through a deed, he dedicated  all his properties to the public of Sambalpur. The deed was signed on 23rd December 1874 in presence of witnesses Padmalochan Sahani, Maharagu Mahapatra,  Govinda Mishra, Chandra Mishra ,  and  Jagannath Panda.

Kashinath Trust presently functions at Sambalpur, with Sri Madhab Chandra Panda,Advocate  as the President and Sri Panigrahi,  Advocate  as Secretary of the trust.  Dr Kasinath Singh contributed  about  250 Acres of land mostly located at villages  Jander , Chichinda , near  Bargarh , and some in another village near Sason .  Kasinath High School is being managed by the Kasinath Trust . Timni Gudi (temple) and some market complex (constructed recently near Sambalpur Municipality Office) are also being managed by the Trust . One Kalyan  Mandap also has been constructed by Government  of Odisha over the land of Kasinath Trust a decade back, near Jail Chowk and lot of vacant land still available  nearby . It is proposed to install a statue of Kasinath Singh in a suitable place to show respect to a great soul like him.